Room with a View Bar & Grill

The old man walked into the Room with a View Bar & Grill at precisely 5 o'clock, like he had every Friday for no one knew how long. Jack, the Room's owner, nodded to the old guy. The customer nodded in return. His physical features didn't actually make him look that old. Jack would put … Continue reading Room with a View Bar & Grill


A Teacher’s Commute

On my way to work, after I've had my coffee: Life is good. Today is going to be an awesome day. I'm going to get a lot done, accomplish my goals for the day, and you know what I'm even going to set some more ambitious long-term goals. Because, there's a lot that I could … Continue reading A Teacher’s Commute


"The house has a wonderful view of twin sisters. Then, if you look to left you can see Longs Peak in the distance..." the realtor, Rachel somethingorother, went on to describe the other natural phenomenon viewable out of the living room's sizable set of windows. She was right, of course; the view was breathtaking. Nature … Continue reading Write